Wednesday, April 28, 2010

thoughts on Johnny and his boat.

So, I found this article while checking my emails. It meshes my recent trip to Puerto Rico (an island in the Caribbean) along with my 23 year long love affair with Johnny Depp. (What could be better?)

His boat called Vajoliroja. The name is a combination of two or three letters of each name in his family, ending up with a name that sounds somewhat like "The Jolly Roger". Okay, so I guess Johnny went a little deep into the character of pirate, Jack Sparrow. They were good movies, and must have been fun to make (along with the fat paychecks) so I guess naming your boat that transports you around the Caribbean, to and from your private island, isn't that strange. It actually sounds amazing.

I think Johnny is actually a pretty normal person with a good sense of humor, but has to come off as quite an odd person to deal with being famous. Or maybe, because being famous is so odd in and of itself, being a normal person in that role always comes off as "odd."

I get nervous when I go out all "shlumpy SAHM-ish" in case this day is that ONE time I see someone important I know when I'm in ugly sweats and ratty hair. (Why don't I ever see anyone when I'm all dolled up and feeling fine?) I can't imagine the stress of going out and having a crowd of camera-wielding nuts trying to capture an unattractive shot, not to mention the fears celebrities must have around psycho fans (no, I am NOT a psycho fan - just, well, committed).

The weather is getting warmer here, and I'm happy to know that Johnny will be floating around the ocean in this "little" paradise in the sun. Now I'll have to think up a name for the thing that transports me around in my own paradise - my gold minivan. I can think of a few names for it that I don't really want my kids to repeat, so maybe this will take some more thought...

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