Wednesday, August 11, 2010


I am one of those people who find connections between just about everything in life. Most times, it's super annoying and distracting, but sometimes it's a fascinating peak into the similarities we all share.

Take, for instance, spiderwebs. I seem to walk through more than my fair share of them, and no matter what I'm doing, the moment I become entangled in the creepy, wispy, tickley thing, I turn into a spastic fool. Some might wonder what difference that really makes in my normal appearance, and to them I say, "walk through a spider web and TRY not to jump, and flinch, and groan!" (And a big, F U as well).

I don't think you can. I've never known anyone who is able to just step unknowingly into a spiderweb and continue on their way without a spastic reaction. Are you able to? Can you just remove the strands of webbing and continue on with no comment or reaction?

So instead of allowing myself to be completely grossed out or to slide down the slippery slope of paranoia that spiders are ganging up on me to take over my house, I'll relax in the community of fellow spiderweb spastics. We are all in that club, surely worldwide. That feels so good to know that my fellow spiderweb spazzes are walking through webs every few minutes all day long, jumping, flinching, groaning, and screaming, in every nation, tribe and neighborhood.

United through spiderwebs. What a beautiful world we live in. Now someone needs to come over with some more tissues to do some squishing...

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