Tuesday, October 5, 2010

I am Thankful (really)

Okay, my last post was a little harsh.  My husband pointed out to me that it really had little to do with being thankful.  So true.  So I will rectify that misdead now.

I am thankful to live in a society that supports involvement in the government; that voting for officials is basically fair, easy and has many checks and balances.

I am thankful that so many citizens participate in politics and voting, especially in Minnesota where voter turnout is higher than in many other states.

I am thankful that so many people volunteer to be put in a place of scrutiny and judgment as candidates for positions of power in our government.

I am thankful that there are precious few who really believe in the slogan, "Love it or Leave it" but feel more passionately for the belief in "Love it or Work to Make it Better."  Sort of like marriage, I don't love everything about living in my community, state or nation, but I do passionately love most of what life can be like here.  I will always work towards making that life to be better for my family and for all people living here.  (Thanks, Husband, for always working to make me a better person!)

I am thankful that I can have and voice my own opinions, especially as a woman, without fear of facing retribution, attack and abuse in efforts to silence dissent. I am in awe of those women who do speak out with full knowledge of what will surely come after, for the right to free speech has never been a right for so many outside of our borders.

I am thankful for all those who went before me to provide my right to vote.  I honor those women and men by staying involved (as much as I am able) with national and world events and politics, and by using that hard fought right to vote each and every time it is available to me.

I am thankful to my teachers; those found in school buildings and those found in the rest of my life, that have taught me that politics are important.  Not the "daily dish" stuff that is so often in the news.  But the struggles between groups of people to uphold their own values while working together to make a better society.

And I am thankful that those teachers also taught me that MY participation is important.  That what I think, value, support and vote for matters for my society to be strong.

So what my previous post really meant to do was share that with you.  What YOU value matters.  What YOU believe will make our society better is important.  How YOU vote will impact what happens in your community, state and nation.

So please, go vote.

(Thank you.)

You may find these links helpful in learning about who will be on YOUR ballot the first Tuesday of November:

National League of Women Voters Website - there are places to enter your location information to learn about who and what will be on your local ballots.

National Democratic Party Website - national information with links to your local party websites.

National Republican Party Website - national information with links to your local party websites.

National Independence Party Website - same stuff as found on previous two links, so if you are not in support of the two main political parties, this one may be for you!

National Constitution Party Website - if you are looking for a party that is still different, in a more conservative way, this may be the one for you.

National Green Party -a political party focused on common sense solutions that support a government "ruled by the people, not by Wall Street" which may speak to your convictions!

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