Monday, April 4, 2011

a poem for this monday...

whenever i have the chance, i do a random "next blog" search for writers i would otherwise miss.  today, i found a cool one here on  it's called The Fearless Blog, and the latest or last post was a great poem about Obama.  I voted for President Obama, an experience I haven't enjoyed in what felt like WAY TOO LONG (i mean, voting for the winning candidate). 

Even with my joy at his accomplishment, and support along the way, I am not a blind fanatic.  I don't love everything Obama has done during his presidency, but I understand that, especially in these times, political gains are won in small increments. 

So, here I share the poem found on The Fearless Blog.  And I too hope that there are more, and bigger changes to be had - for the better, of course.  But always, in shear joy of poetry and politics, please read on:

Guest Post: Viva Obama By Bert Lorenzo

Obama beat McCain handsomely
so those who criticize my president should let him be
and show more respect for democracy.
The people voted for change
and change they should see
but it takes time to make new policy.

June 2009 he improved the economy.
Now everywhere I go I see people spending money.
He reduced unemployment.
Now concert halls, movie houses and sport stadia
sell-out for people’s enjoyment.
Things are fine
but people continue to whine.

They say he’s a Muslim
who secretly practices Islam.
And that he cares more for the lower classes
because he wants to raise the rich’s taxes.
And that he goes too far
when he supports building a mosque near that 9/11 scar.

I say he hasn’t gone far enough.
Obamacare should give us more stuff.
Rumor has it many doctors want to retire or quit.
They say Obama’s healthcare plan’s unfit.
But he should do everything he promised during his campaign
or those who voted for him
did so in vain.

Some who voted for him now feel remorse.
They fear things will get worse.
They elected the Messiah
but now turn their backs on a pariah.
They’ve abandoned hope so easily.
It says more about them
than about my president’s ability.

Constant criticism might make my president weary.
It can be such a bore.
But the critics should remember
in a democracy people should get what they ask for.

So viva Obama!
I still have hope he won’t abandon the fight
and make all that’s wrong in America right.

Copyright Bert Lorenzo, 2010

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