Sunday, March 20, 2011

been awhile, but still thankful

my computer is super old, and takes a v-e-r-y long time to allow me to publish anything.  so today, in it's honor, i am thankful that my husband has a bad case of the Sunday blues and doesn't want his super fast laptop back for a bit. 

i'm not thankful he's feeling blue, but i do love to see a letter pop right up on the screen as soon as i type it.  technology is great. 

and i am thankful for enjoying some of the 300+ days of sunshine Arizona gets each year. 

i am thankful for generous in-laws.

i am thankful for patient and well-mannered children.

i am thankful for new underclothes (cotton and boring, but oh so nice to buy without children tagging along).

i am thankful to be back home again.

and i am thankful that i can still find new music that i love, even when i am the 'old woman/ ma'am' age that i am.

vampire weekend : horchata is that for me right now.  all about sunshine and having fun.  and spring will really get going one of these days so that all this snow, mud and cloudy weather will end.  won't it?

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