Monday, February 14, 2011

honoring the push to do more

Creator of Everything,
Ultimate Being,
Earth Mother,
Dude who Abides,

Help Me out (again.)

I fell into step with this life a little too easily.

Forgotten were the steps needed to maintain a positive trajectory;
to keep up, not with the "Joneses," but with our own dreams.
I got lazy.  (yes, again)

I swung out of balance.

Help me get there again,
to meet the challenges I've put myself behind.

You've given me a great endurance for stress,
and a slow but steady pace to meet up with all those challenges I meet up with
(so many that I have placed in my own way.)

Thank you for being that so small; sometimes loud voice rising from the deepest part of me -
pushing me toward the life that will make me happiest.
never first, never best, never the most of anyone else, just the happiest I can be.

You are really pushing me right now. 
Timed perfectly with the warm air and melting snow of this false spring time.
I thank you for putting the trust in me that I am capable of taking on these incredible tasks -
especially the trust that I will do better this time around with keeping all these things in balance.

You rock. 

Always a big fan,

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