Saturday, February 5, 2011

like mindedness...

I'm a woman who is filled with both passionate opinions and the forceful attitude that those opinions often need to be shared.  Though this trait has caused me to damage relationships, at times, it has also brought me to the place that I celebrate it.  I can only do so much with this personality I've been given, and that's a great thing.  Someone wanted me to be here on this Earth, noticing, critiquing, empathizing, sharing, loving and disliking.  And I don't think it was solely to be a giant pain in the tuchas to those I come into contact with.

On that note, this post found on "Kind Over Matter" was so lovely, and joyful, and truthful that I had to share it here.  Know that all that makes you the person you are; the body you inhabit, the personality you possess, the relationships you develop, all are there to be thankful for.  For all those pieces make up your life.  And your life is a gift to celebrate each day.  So go!  Celebrate!

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