Friday, February 11, 2011

a moment or two of humor...

Today I am thankful for humor.  Aside from chocolate and caffeine, it's really what gets me through each day.  The first photo was taken from a blog titled :   So true.  It's one ad in a well designed ad campaign for a job search website.  Who knew  Germans could be so witty?  As you look through the post about the ad campaign, know there is one picture of a man's "somewhat" naked butt.  So take care around those who you'd rather not talk to about what the ad might be about...

All these were found online, and I would like to share great thanks for everyone who notices, documents and shares these items that add a touch of light and laughter to everyone who sees them.  Each of these people makes life on this planet so much better! 


And my favorite thing to laugh about is the surprising lack of manners and common sense that so many display.  I think we also saw these posted in the state parks in Michigan, but maybe not.  I'd love to display these around our property & adjoining neighborhood park.  Or find where some of these people live and 'regift' their doggy presents.  oops, staying on topic...

I love to read other blogs - and my favorite funny blogs, those kind that your pulse races and you quietly click on whenever you see they have a new post.  NOT blogs where you see videos or photos of people doing stupid things.   No one getting punched, smacked or nailed in the balls.  I'm not 13 anymore.  That stuff just isn't funny, or at least not most of the time.  These blogs take the cerebral function up a notch, and leave you laughing till it hurts.

Cakewrecks is amazingly funny!!!  "When Professional Cakes go Horribly, Hilariously Wrong!" Some are appropriate to share, some you'll need to check your surroundings for.

For anyone living the pregnant life, check out Frankly Pregnant.  I found it during my second pregnancy, AFTER spending some 'up close and personal' time with my very straight forward, no humor OB.  This blog made me laugh, understand more and feel slightly less freaked out.  (That is truly high praise!)  And I then stopped flashing my nether regions to my OB quite so often.  {After compiling a book of her work, and giving birth to her final child, the author stopped adding to this site, but maintains it as a beacon of hope to all pregnant women.  So thankful for this woman!}

A new treasure is How Not to Act Old; which I loved even more when she commented on not being able to "act 38 anymore".

She used to live here in the Twin Cities, but she moved with her family to Ohio recently.  Still keeping us up to date with all that's going on in her world, Sheletta , through her blog, still must be the funniest woman in the Twin Cities!

For those who want to understand just how good their own life is, check out FMyLife.

And I've gotta share Attack of the Redneck Mommy.  Often hilarious, occasionally teary, a Canadian mom shares a glimpse into her life.  Always worth a read.

 A couple of funny (or at least humorous) blogs that compliment each other- Stuff White People Like  and  Stuff Parisians Like .

And a love letter/knee slap to motherhood brings us to a close today at Dooce.  She is first an amazing writer, second a loving mom and third finds humor and joy in so many moments (big and small).

You are here right now; today.  Find the joy in that gift.  Celebrate yourself, and LAUGH!! 

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